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Black Week: E-commerce in Black Friday fever

Author: Anna R., February 29, 2023.


Black Friday has developed into a global shopping phenomenon that has become an integral part of Germany too. Originally from the USA, it traditionally takes place the day after Thanksgiving and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. It's now a whole week full of discounts and special deals in which retailers can bring their sales to a new record high. The e-commerce boost can also be clearly felt during Black Week. Fewer and fewer people are rushing to the crowded shopping centers, preferring to take advantage of the Black Friday deals online.

This is why PoD retailers have a big advantage in Black Week:

Dress: Most shoppers use Black Week to buy clothes (Statista, 2022).

Personalized Gifts: Unique and personal gifts are particularly popular for Christmas and are often bought on Black Friday.

Seasonal designs: Christmas products can be offered in print on demand without the risk of not being sold.

That's what makes a good Black Friday deal

There are discounts everywhere during Black Week. To convince customers of your deals, your offers should meet the following points:

1. Significant discounts

On Black Friday you need discounts where the customer can feel a significant price reduction. Use for this e.g. B. Buy More Save More – the higher the purchase value, the bigger the discount.

2. Limited availability

A time-limited offer creates pressure and encourages customers to act quickly, e.g. B. Flash sales that are only valid for a few hours.

3. Transparent communication

Clear communication about the Black Friday offer and its conditions creates trust among customers.

4. Additional benefits

Gifts are also very popular, take e.g. For example, add a digital product that offers your customers added value once they reach a certain purchase value.

5. Uniqueness

Offer your customers something that they will never find again in this form.

The Black Week checklist for online retailers

To get through Black Week successfully, here is the ultimate checklist for PoD retailers.

1. Product planning:
Plan your Black Friday deals and discounts on your products
Create seasonally appropriate designs
Combine your products into bundles

2. Website:
Make sure your website is fast and user-friendly
Integrate your offers and bundles using suitable apps

3. Marketing:
Social Media Marketing: Use your socials to build excitement and tease the discounts.
Email marketing: Remind your existing customers that they will have the chance to receive exclusive offers and send out an announcement early enough
POS campaign: Integrate pop-ups and banners in your shop that draw attention to the offers

4. Customer Service:
More customers means more customer service: plan enough time in advance on these days that you can use for inquiries

5. Analysis:
Use analytics tools to track and understand the success of your Black Week campaign

The only thing you don't have to worry about is inventory and logistics. At MarketPrint, we ensure that there are enough products and that they reach your customers as quickly as possible.

With good preparation, you can achieve 20-30% of your entire annual sales during Black Week. Make sure your online store is ready now!

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