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Want to change your POD provider? Contact us here.

Build a print on demand online shop in 7 easy steps (2024)

Author: Anna R. December 13, 2023.


Print On Demand (POD) is one of the popular business models that can be used to market products with individual designs. This is an automated sales system that has been successfully established in recent years. As a sub-area of Dropshipping it allows physical and self-designed products to be sold and to build up your owne eigene Brand build up.  
The collaboration takes place with external service providers, so that the effort is low and inventory management and shipping are no longer necessary. Print On Demand is a great way to get started in the e-commerce business, especially for creative people who don't have a lot of start-up capital. The innovative model only requires a few steps to get off to a successful start and assert itself on the market. 

Step 1: Choose a niche

Before marketing and selling custom products, it is important to find a profitable niche. Print On Demand in particular offers an excellent opportunity to specialize and bring niche products onto the market that also appeal to smaller target groups or which stand out due to their  exceptional quality. distinguish.  
The creative scope is enormous, while various Google tools can be used to analyze demand in order to find and serve the appropriate target group and identify new trends. Personalized products are just as popular as seasonal Products, Fitness and Well-Being or gaming. However, compared to trend products, niche products offer the advantage of being able to set the range at slightly higher prices. At the same time, there is significantly less competition in the niche market. 

Step 2: Build a Shopify store

The next step is to set up an online shop through which the products are offered and sold. Shopify offers powerful tools to create an e-commerce website with a shop for all industries. The products are uploaded, the most important pages for the shop are defined and a specific theme is chosen that individualizes the shop. The shipping and payment settings are then adjusted and the website goes online. 
Of course, what is crucial for an online shop is a good business idea that is unique and appealing. The choice of label or company name is also important, checking whether these are available as a domain. Since Print On Demand involves individual design products, it is worth designing a logo that represents the quality of the products. In the Shopify-Shop offers digital goods, physical products and services. The products are presented using high-quality photos to make the selection easier for customers. 

Step 3: Register your business

The innovative business idea now only needs legal legitimacy. Anyone who runs an online shop and earns an income with it must register a business. The obligation to register always applies if an activity is carried out independently and permanently and is associated with the intention of making a profit. Business registration is done using a form in the town hall's citizens' office in just a few minutes.   

Step 4: Connect shop with POD service provider

Now it’s time for the online shop den suitable POD service provider to find. Not all of them always offer favorable conditions or the best business model. It is therefore important to find out which onesr Service provider a suitable concept has ready and suitable for your own products is. It's worth having someone trustworthy and professional companies to work together. This also ensures higher customer loyalty.  
Check in advance to let join deinem Service providers the prices, the options for customizing the items, the print quality or the delivery times. The design for the products is then in the app Offerers uploaded and made available and integrated into your own online shop. There are sustainable print-on-demand companies that guarantee high print quality and are very flexible in their product selection. 

Invite you here its general MarketPrint  App for yours Shopify-Download and use us as your personal POD service provider.

Step 5: Design Research

With Print On Demand it's easy to quickly make a name for yourself with your brand and create the corresponding portfolio. Nevertheless, every idea is built on the basis of demand. It should be analyzed which trends and markets there are, which ideas and designs are successful and which niches and target groups can be served.  

It also makes sense to check carefully which designs and labels are protected and which patents exist. Design research allows you to search for identical designs and templates online. Your own design can also be protected as intellectual property if it is successfully marketed. If necessary, patent information centers and patent attorneys can also help with design research.

Step 6: Product creation

Once everything has been legally clarified and the product offering has been put online, you can start creating your products. The print on demand business model scores points for its simple functionality. The self-designed products are only manufactured and delivered when the order is placed by the customer and the associated order is placed. All processes are taken over by yourtakes there for POD service provider, which makes it possible to gradually build up a passive income without much effort.  
By ordering a sample you can check whether the quality of the products is as you wish for it to be. What is particularly advantageous is that POD does not require large investments and beginners do not have to bear a high financial risk. Print on demand offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to product ideas because they can be produced and tested quickly. As demand changes, it is possible to respond to new trends and reorient and adapt products very easily. 

Step 7: Market products

With the first sales, there comes a positive dynamic, which can be refined through suitable marketing strategies. In order for products to be found more quickly on the Internet, companies should position themselves high up in the search engines. Search engine optimization helps with this by enabling Google to better identify and classify the content of the websites. Therefore, so-called Keywords that match the relevant search queries are integrated into the product texts, internal links and photos. The effect is lasting and increases visibility and traffic on the site.  

Once the niche market has been identified and the target group has been found, the brand can be built with proper advertising campaigns that make the product or label known. These are launched via the company's own website, via email and via social media channels on which many people are active. Promotional days, special offers or newsletters, which can be used to present and market products, also promote sales. Above all, a good basis of trust plays a role in success in order to retain customers and to stand out through reliability, transparency and quality. Review platforms are a good possibility for boosting sales through positive customer reviews.


Print on Demand is an excellent concept for marketing products with your own design without taking any financial risk. The processes are largely automated, while the creation of the offer remains flexible. We recommend analyzing current trends and dynamically adapting products to demand. It's also worth finding a  trustworthy external partner  who reliably manufactures and delivers the products. The products are sold in your own online shop and via third-party marketplaces. High product quality is always a good decision to ensure that the items look good and are long-lasting. 


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