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Making money online made easy: Your path to a successful t-shirt business with MarketPrint and Shopify

Author: Anna R., January 05, 2024

Sell ​​t-shirts online

Making money online with T-shirts? E-commerce is booming and offers a variety of opportunities to make money online. A particularly attractive option is selling T-shirts. More and more people are making money by creating individual T-shirt designs and selling them through an online shop. Thanks to Print on Demand, getting started has never been easier. 

Why selling T-shirts is extremely lucrative

Everyone wears T-shirts. They are a fundamental part of the wardrobe, regardless of age, gender or social background. This makes T-shirts products with a broad target group potential. Their affordability and the ability to express personality and creativity through individual designs make this business model particularly attractive. Plus, getting started selling t-shirts online is very easy thanks to low entry barriers and the availability of print-on-demand services like MarketPrint. 

Getting started with Shopify is that easy – making money online made easy

To sell T-shirts you need an online shop. This can be easily set up via Shopify. Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that allows you to build a professional online shop without any programming knowledge. The Shopify interface is self-explanatory and various design templates can be used to make the shop look professional. Shopify also offers access to many useful apps, including print on demand services such as MarketPrint.  
Using apps like MarketPrint, the self-designed T-shirts can then be integrated into the shop and sold directly with just a few clicks. Everything is fully automated: from the ordering process to production and shipping to payment processing. 

This is how selling t-shirts with print on demand works

MarketPrint, a print-on-demand provider, massively simplifies the process of selling t-shirts. Users can upload their own designs in the app, place them on t-shirts, and seamlessly integrate the created products into their Shopify store. After the order is placed, MarketPrint takes care of the entire process - from production to shipping. The seller makes money from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of the T-shirt. 
Here's how it works in just 5 simple steps:  
1. Download the MarketPrint app from the Shopify AppStore. The service provider takes over the entire production including shipping the T-shirts.  
2. Create your own designs or hire designers. Simply upload the motifs to MarketPrint.  
3. Integrate the t-shirts with their designs into the online shop using the MarketPrint app.  
4. Now the marketing phase begins: For example, by activating Google Ads, promoting on social media or contacting influencers.  
5. With every order from a customer, the print on demand provider prints the desired T-shirt and sends it directly to the buyer.  

Who is suitable for selling t-shirts online?

Selling t-shirts can be a worthwhile business idea for a variety of people to make money online. Selling self-designed T-shirts on online platforms offers great potential, especially for creative people who like to design and develop new motifs. 
People who like to be entrepreneurial and want to build their own business can also make money online in the T-shirt market. Only small initial investments are necessary and sales can initially be set up as a part-time business. Once a certain level of awareness has been achieved, the business can also be operated as a full-time job. 
In addition, selling T-shirts is suitable for social media savvy people with a good feel for trends and popular designs. New motifs can be advertised via platforms such as Instagram and TikTok and new groups of buyers can be tapped quickly. Collaborations with influencers are also possible. 
– People without a lot of start-up capital  
– aspiring online retailers  
– Influencers and artists to sell merchandise products  
– Creative people who want to implement their own ideas as a T-shirt business 
Overall, selling T-shirts is ideal for creative minds with a business sense. It enables them to combine their passion for design with entrepreneurial thinking and build their own business. 

Other advantages of print on demand

In addition to the low entry barrier, selling T-shirts online also has other benefits that make the business idea attractive. Since production and sales are now predominantly digital and “on demand”, there are no storage costs. The T-shirts are only produced when an order is placed and sent directly to the customer. This means the capital investment remains low and risks are minimized. Not to mention the convenience for the shop operator, as almost all production and processing processes are taken over by POD service providers such as MarketPrint. 
Another plus point is the scalability of the business. Once a working concept with attractive designs has been created, it can be sold on various platforms and marketplaces with little additional effort. This means that a large range can be achieved with little additional work. The use of social media and influencers can also have a big impact here. 
Last but not least, the creative freedom of your own t-shirt business also speaks for this business idea. Unlike in normal employment relationships, your own creativity can be fully explored here. From design to website design to branding, there are hardly any limits to your imagination. This also makes this form of entrepreneurship very emotionally fulfilling.  


Selling t-shirts online is a great way to participate in the growing e-commerce market. With MarketPrint, a free app in the Shopify AppStore, it's easier than ever to start and run a t-shirt business. By combining custom design options and an efficient fulfillment process, MarketPrint offers the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be successful in e-commerce.  
Download the MarketPrint app in the Shopify AppStore today and start your own t-shirt business!  

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