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Where can print on demand be used?

Author: Aykut A. May 22, 2023.

Printed copy enamel cup


Meanwhile it is PoD also widespread in other areas, no longer just in book printing. But there it is experiencing a new wave of enthusiasm, which has arisen primarily through self-publishing. As a new and independent author, it is possible to offer your books independently of a publishing house and have paperbacks printed. This opens up the market for new artists who want to offer their work but don't want to deal with the printing themselves. PoD-Suppliers advertise the corresponding book and have it printed as soon as an order is received. 


The textile industry is an enormously large market for print on demand. Clothing with cool motifs is incredibly popular and a good business model for starting your own business. With PoD, your own designs can be applied to pre-made products, such as T-shirts or hoodies, and these are then offered in a corresponding online shop. Here, too, the corresponding product is only manufactured as soon as an order arrives. 

In the beginning, this line of business had problems establishing itself. Here too, the further development of printers has helped to make the business model accessible to the general public. Designs can be saved and then easily accessed when ordering.

Other physical products

Besides Books and clothing, printing on other products is also common. Cups are actually popular everywhere and have been an expression of one's personality for many decades. Whether with coffee or tea, cups are used by everyone. A stylish mug can also attract attention on the shelf, which is why they should be part of your product selection. 
In the course of the digital age, the personalization of one's own products is also continuing. Mobile phone cases are a large sales market, which is now also the case PoD has settled. Mobile phone cases not only protect your smartphone, they can also be carried with you cool motifs. 
The product selection depends on the shop of your choice. Find out in detail beforehand what you would like to offer. Providers like MarketPrint  have a huge selection of products where you can present your motif. 


The spread of PoD has had a particularly positive impact on small artists who otherwise have little opportunity to present their work. Various online shops now offer the opportunity for their motifs to appear on different products. There is also PoD for the works of art themselves, here in the form of stickers, posters or postcards. It's no longer just originals that are sold, but rather copies of a motif. With PoD This can be offered in almost any form, which offers artists incredible freedom. 


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