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Start your own fashion brand with print on demand

Author: Anna R., June 04.06.2024, XNUMX

To start your own fashion brand with little starting capital found, The print on demand business model is ideal. Print-on-demand means pressure consider An order. This means that the products you sell will only be produced once an order has been received for them. Print-on-demand service provider like for example MarketPprint support you with the production and the order processing, so that you full thereon focus can, find Designing t-shirts and sales damit to achieve.

With “Print on Demand” There are generally only two things to do: Take care of your online shop there deine eigenen T-shirts for sale and generate customers by marketing your products through targeted online advertising.


The first steps: Select a niche and define your target group

These two steps are the important levers for successfully starting your fashion business on the Internet.

Think about who you want to sell your own t-shirts to in advance. More specifically: Which target audience do you want to design your T-shirts for? Find out what interests your target group has and what is important to them and create products for exactly this group of people based on these insights.

When setting up your own fashion brand, it is also important to consider: What alternative products, apart from T-shirts, can be produced cost-effectively and sold in your online shop? Can you also place your designs on hoodies? Do accessories such as caps or bags also make sense? look at here which products you can sell in your shop with MarketPrint.

Last, but not least: Where do you want to sell your products? With an online shop you have the opportunity to sell clothing worldwide, but this does not make sense in all cases. In many niches, a regional focus is particularly successful.

Why you should choose print on demand as your business model

In addition to print on demand, you also have other options for purchasing products. In contrast to in-house production or mass ordering, with print on demand you don't need your own warehouse, you don't have high start-up costs and you therefore minimize your risk. 

All you have to do is design your t-shirts and then sell them on your online store. A POD service like MarketPrint produces and sends the ordered goods to your buyers under your company name. Your POD printing company takes care of all processes. You don't pay the manufacturer until you've already sold the clothes. All processes – from printing to shipping – are no longer your concern. 


Create a business plan

In the next step to starting your own fashion brand, you should think about the following aspects: sourcing, cost planning, pricing as well as market research and competitor analysis.

The product procurement
Starting your own fashion brand starts with choosing your print-on-demand provider. There is a wide range of POD services, which vary by factors such as delivery time, cost or product selection. Compare the different providers and find out which one can best meet your brand’s needs. With the right POD provider, you create the perfect starting point to start your own fashion brand. 

The cost planning
When financially planning for your POD clothing brand, you should particularly take into account the ongoing costs of design creation, your online shop, advertising as well as taxes and legal factors.

The right pricing strategy
For a good pricing strategy, you should consider the following points:

Understand your costs: Go through all the expenses associated with producing your items. Pay special attention to design costs, production costs and shipping prices.

Specific market research: Analyze current conditions within your niche and compare prices for similar products. The procedure helps you to calculate competitive prices. 

Determine your profit margin: Determine an appropriate profit margin that covers your costs and ensures you a moderate profit. Note: A price that's too high will scare away customers, while a price that's too low will hurt your profitability. 

Mastering the challenge of market prices: Be flexible enough to adjust your product prices realistically depending on specific market requirements. This way you can react adequately to market shifts or changes in customer purchasing behavior. 

Market research and competitor analysis
Market research and competitor analysis is crucial to establishing a top clothing brand. Monitor market trends and analyze competitors to make constructive business decisions. Online platforms such as Google Trends and various fashion blogs prove to be helpful tools here. This way you can quickly find out which styles, designs and products are well received by your target audience. Also analyze what the competition offers in terms of quality, design and price level. Explore your competitors' marketing strategies on social media, online advertising and SEO strategies. If necessary, use useful tools here. 

Design your first collection

The basis for creating a first collection is well-conducted design research. This is based on your market and competition analysis. If you already have graphic design experience, you can create the designs yourself in a graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator. Otherwise, it makes sense to hand this work over to a graphic designer. It is important that you create a proper briefing to ensure that your designs are implemented exactly as you imagine them. 

Now place your finished designs on your chosen products from the POD provider in the associated app. You should then create mockups of it to show your customers what the final product will look like. At MarketPrint, initial mockups are generated directly when the product is created; depending on the POD provider, you can save effort here. 

Be sure to order sample products to your home to check the final product as well as the quality of the raw material and the print. This ensures that your customers receive the goods the way you imagine and communicate it to them. Use for this e.g. B. one of MarketPrint Sample packages

Build your online shop

Next, it’s time to build your online shop. It's best to use this Shopify. There you will discover a variety of intuitive tools for designing a web shop without any programming knowledge. Preset automations for payment processing and order processing enable you, you fully to focus on your Designing t-shirts and for sale. Be careful when creating your shop on it, the identity of your fashion brand also visually clear. The Shopify-You can now easily shop online with your POD provider, e.g. b. MarketPrint , link. This is how you support yourself Shopify one at that to start your own fashion brand.


Marketing your online shop

What is now crucial is to win customers for your own fashion brand. Develop a marketing strategy for your products and your brand. Take into account the high potential of social media. Thanks to the good targeting options at Meta, ads on Instagram and Facebook are particularly suitable to get started with. You should definitely not underestimate the importance of being present on other channels such as TikTok.   

In the next step, you should continually optimize the findability of your online shop in search engines. Also use search engine advertising to be easily found by potential customers.


Starting your own fashion brand with Print on Demand (POD) offers a low-risk and cost-effective option to successfully establish yourself in the online fashion industry.  
Using the print-on-demand model eliminates the need for upfront investments in inventory. The individual designs for your Products can be flexibly adapted at any time. This enables you to react quickly to changing market trends and creatively realize special customer expectations.  
Success depends on original designs for your textiles as well as an effective marketing strategy and an authentic brand identity. Also, don’t underestimate good customer support for the growth of your fashion label. 
Your to start your own fashion brand, is not as difficult as it seems at first thought. Simply use a provider of print on demand services such as MarketPrint. 

Use MarketPrint and finally build your own fashion brand!  

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