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The 5 top AI tools for the print on demand business

Author: Anna R., January 19, 2024.

Artificial intelligence is taking on more and more tasks in the business world

How online retailers successfully use artificial intelligence tools in print on demand

Print on Demand (POD) retailers know the constant challenge of offering their customers original print products. “Print on demand” is not just about fulfilling individual customer requests, but also about making your own operating processes cost-effective. Smartly used artificial intelligence can be of great help. Chat GPT and other AI applications enable POD providers to create their own designs and make products attractive. In addition to AI tools for creative design, there are also applications on the market that simplify workflows and help save time. In this post, we introduce the 5 most useful AI tools for print-on-demand retailers and show how they can support various business processes. 

1. ChatGPT – create texts quickly

Texts from the product description to the blog post down to the website are effective sales tools in the print on demand area. With the AI tool Chat GPT POD retailers create creative texts for their business within minutes. The tool can be used for research, headings and creating texts. But also suitable for customer service, e-commerce or as a personal assistantet yourself Chat GPT. 
The chatbot is based on the GPT-3 language model. To do this, he was trained with numerous texts and data. Users enter their questions into the system and the bot provides the answers. This also works for complex questions. Users can make individual entriesben for Chat GPT develop, the so-called prompts, and adapt them to your needs.  
The chatoffered voOpenAI is currently still free to use. Patience is often required when using this variant. It happens that many people are the samein a timely manner Chat GPT and the system reaches its performance limits. If editing stalls, it sometimes helps to reload the page. An alternative is the new paid version ChatGPT4. This artificial intelligence was trained with more data than the previous version and can answer complex questions even better. It costs about 20 dollars a monthr. 

2. Midjourney – simply generate images

Anyone who works in POD needs meaningful images for successful productste. With Midjourney An online tool is available that allows retailers to create images from text content. An image can be created in about a minute. To do this, users give the bot a prompt and provide the description of what they want motifs. Midjourney has no longer been available free of charge since April 2023. It will in four Subscriptionmodels from 10 dollars per month offer.

3. Designhill Logo Maker – Design logos in minutes

Print-on-demand retailers represent their brand with a logo. The AI tool Designhill Logo Maker allows vendors to easily develop graphic characters based on their preferences. Users enter information about their brand into the tool and select appropriate colors, style elements and designs. The application then creates a suggestion for the company logo. Show user experiencesn that Designhill requires some trial and error time and careful data entry to achieve satisfactory results. 
The free tool can be used for companies with a small budget or for one-off events quality Be an alternative to a professional graphic designer. 

4. Kittl.com – Create designs intuitively with joy

AI applications for design creation and image file optimization make business in print on demand easier when they are easy to use. Kittl.com stands out among the design applications based on artificial intelligence. The AI ​​image generator from a German company enables the creation of high-quality graphics. Users operate the application quickly and intuitively. Numerous professional design templates are available. Kittl.com is easy to use in the browser. The license rights for images are clearly visible in the online tool. Kittl.com is a powerful application for custom t-shirt designs, marketing materials and much more. In addition to a free account, paid Pro accounts can be booked in various service packagesr.

5. Harpa AI – a digital assistant for many cases

Harp AI is proving to be a personal assistant on the Internet. The AI ​​tool can be integrated into the Chrome browser as an add-on. The developers of the plugin work with leading AI providersern wiOpenAI togetheren. Mit Harp A variety of optimizations of the surfing experience are possible. The tool makes it easier to process large amounts of information. Users revise, expand and supplement Textmaterial mit Harp. Depending on your needs, you can use it to summarize long texts or write emails. Users can also use the plugin to develop SEO-optimized materialn. AucSocial -Media contributions leave sI mit Harp reproduce in your own writing style. The tool helps programmers write new codes. POD dealer finthe bei Harp versatile support for the business. The basic functions of the tool are free, the full range is available for a fee.

Bonus: more helpful AI tools for image and design

As a bonus will be here shortly or Remove.bg, Colormind and prism as digital helpers in the AI ​​area called. With Remove.bg, users can quickly and accurately remove motifs from images without manual adjustment. The exemption tool can be used with a free account be used. Users automatically combine harmonious colors with the free one AI tool Colormind. It supports users to select desired items based on images or individuallyrben to create a color palette for branding, for example. If print-on-demand providers want to transform images into works of art, Prisma is suitable: the free editor makes photos shine just one click in well-known painting stylesn. Remove.bg, Colormind and Prisma can for MarhairySocial  Media and much more can be used.

Conclusion: Artificial intelligence makes creative tasks easier and creates better workflows

Current AI applicationlike ChasGPTMidjourneyDesignhill, Kittl.com andnd Harp AI offers a variety of functions for the print on demand business. It's worth testing tools for text creation, image editing or design for your own needs. Traders can use many tools in the field of artificial intelligence creative Optimize processes and save time.

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