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How print-on-demand retailers are making the most of Valentine's Day

Author: Anna R., January 31, 2024.

Between love and Consumerism: Valentine's Day in the e-commerce world

Valentine's Day no longer just offers great sales potential to the flower shop around the corner, but is also becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. The day is associated with both a great emotional connection and a strong consumer drive and shoppers are looking for special and individual gifts for their partners.  

Why does this day offer such great opportunities?

The advantage of print on demand is that the product range is very flexible and can be expanded without risk. In contrast to traditional retail, products are only manufactured when an order is received. It is therefore particularly useful for print-on-demand retailers to include special Valentine's Day products in their range without any risk. The following are available:  

Personalized products 
Personal and individual gifts are particularly popular. Many people these days don't want to resort to tried-and-tested classics such as flowers or chocolates, but instead want to give something special.  

 Modified bestsellers  
Another option is to modify designs that are already selling very well for Valentine's Day and also offer them in the shop.  

Couple bundles  
Bundles are also perfect for Valentine's Day. After all, many couples not only give gifts to their partner, but also like to give each other gifts together.  

Not all suggestions are equally suitable for every niche. Of course, you have to weigh up how relevant Valentine's Day is for the target group and to what extent the niche actually lends itself to the topic. In most cases, with creativity, it is still possible to adapt Valentine's Day to suit your own niche.  

Why is Valentine's Day so lucrative for print-on-demand retailers?

It's the day for lovers when practically every couple gives each other something - but usually only small things. The big gifts are for birthdays and Christmas. Valentine's Day gifts should be personal, original and loving, even a little practical, but by no means expensive. Therefore, this day opens up many possibilities for designs and products that go beyond the classic and a little boring gift ideas like pink hearts and heart-shaped candies. The event itself is of course subject to change. While the classics of flowers and chocolates are still being given as gifts, consumers are also looking for new ideas to celebrate the day. This shift is galvanizing an influential, socially conscious younger generation. She wants to use Valentine's Day as a shared experience. Notably, Millennials and Generation Z are less likely to want overly romantic gifts. They often think in a practical and, above all, very fun way, which can be implemented particularly well in the print-on-demand sector.  

How do you prepare your offer?

It's best to start a limited-time campaign for Valentine's Day gifts. Create a guide for buyers. Men give gifts more frequently and more than women on this occasion, but they often lack ideas. Offer these to them and combine them with small discounts. This can e.g. B. free shipping or a voucher code. One collection idea would be “Date Night”. These are gifts and other accessories that fit a romantic evening at home and are personalized at the same time - such as: E.g. tea lights with print. Other print-on-demand products that are good for Valentine's Day include:   

  • T-Shirts 
  • Beanies
  • Bags
  • Beer mugs  
  • Thermoses 
  • a cute bunny or teddy bear
  • Canvas and posters

You can personalize all of these products, add meaningful sayings and of course have a heart printed here and there.

What should you consider when marketing?

First, visually prepare your shop and your social media channels for Valentine's Day. Integrate banners that point out the special promotions and create suitable creatives for your socials.  

Valentine's Day is about feelings, so appeal to your customers' emotional side with your advertising. Sell ​​the feeling that comes from giving your products as a gift. 

Start an email campaign for your Valentine's Day specials: Make sure the subject line arouses curiosity and creates urgency to achieve a high open rate. Support the campaign with pop-ups in your shop that point out special offers or promote additional newsletter entries.  

As with other gift-giving occasions, it is important to provide accurate delivery times on Valentine's Day to give customers peace of mind that their gift will arrive on time. It is particularly welcome if the last order option is stated with on-time delivery, both in the shop itself and on the advertising channels. 

Start in good time: Even though many people don't buy a gift until February 14th, the majority of people do it beforehand. In addition, stationary retailers mainly benefit from last-minute shoppers, as there is no time left to send a gift. So plan your Valentine's Day promotions in advance and take the entire store with you.  


The consumer drive on Valentine's Day offers many retailers great potential. Due to the simple and risk-free range expansion in print on demand, these shops can make better use of this potential. Special Valentine's Day offers, such as couple bundles or modified bestsellers, can ensure great sales and great joy for lovers. The younger generations in particular are looking for new, unique products that are particularly suitable for print-on-demand shops.  

It is important to plan the Valentine's Day products and the associated marketing strategy in good time in order to be able to take the business seriously by February 14th. 

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