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Want to change your POD provider? Contact us here.

What is Print on Demand?

Author: Aykut A. April 02, 2023.

Print on Demand comes from English and means “print on demand” or “print on demand”. This means that a specific product is only manufactured when it is actually needed. This is the opposite of mass-producing your product, its you then sell it yourself later. PoD is based on the well-known market model of supply and demand. When a product is ordered, it is manufactured accordingly and shipped to the person who ordered it. If there is no demand, unnecessary resources will not be used to produce unpurchased products. 

PoD has its origins in book printing. With the implementation of digital letterpress printing via computer files, the landscape has changed drastically. Books are needed always and everywhere, which is why appropriate mass processing, but also a certain prioritization, is necessary. Here came the book-on-demand model (BoD) comes into play, which is also known as “Book in Time” or “Publishing on Demand”. Scripts for books were therefore accessible at any time and could be accessed and printed after an order was placed.

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