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Branding in print on demand: finding a good brand name

Author: Anna R., January 15, 2024

Brand names as an important part of branding

Branding in print on demand increases the value of goods and services quickly and cost-effectively. We explain how you can find a really good and memorable brand name. It's enough that it's short and memorable, like “Apple” or “Netflix”.? 
Brand names accompany our everyday lives. They are omnipresent and contribute to the success of a product or service. Branding promotes a brand in the long term. It is important to clearly identify what the brand stands for. If this is done through the name, that is ideal. Especially when customers associate it with positive thoughts and feelings. 

What is a brand name?

A brand stands for a company and everything that defines it. It skillfully highlights a company and differentiates it from others. The logo creates a unique image and helps customers quickly recognize the brand. 
A classic here is the family name of the company founder, as in “Disney” or “Bosch”. However, if the name is long or difficult to pronounce, it is better to choose a creative brand name that is self-explanatory. If it shows the vision of a company in a concentrated form, it remains more memorable and explains the added value that the company offers. Successful examples include “PayPal”, “Airbus” and “Burger King”.  

Why is the brand name important?

The name of a brand creates an emotional connection to the product or service. It stands for it, creates positive associations with it and increases customer loyalty. Because customers identify with the company and its mission through the brand name. An article with a passionate brand, like “Mon Chérie”, appears much more irresistible. 

What makes a good name?

Short and memorable 
A good brand name is short, simple and memorable, like “Nike” and “Tui”. Because the spice lies in brevity. It's best to plan this right from the start. This saves having to shorten it later. 

Accordingly, “August Horch & Cie.” now better known by the Latin name “Audi”, which means “listen”! Everyone also knows the merger from “The Shell Transport and Trading Company p. l. c.” and “N. V. Koninklijke Nederlandse Petroleum Maatschappij” under the logo “Shell”.

It always pays to think about the future. That's why company names should always sound current! Uplifting evergreens among them are “Fedex”, “Skype” and “Rolex”.  
Findability and risk of confusion 
Names that match general search terms, such as “Puma” or “Kinder Chocolate” automatically receive more clicks, but also face more competition in the search results.  
However, very similar company names can be confusing. This happens more often at “Kaufhalle” and “Kaufhof” or at the company “Avena”, which produces feel-good clothing in Rhineland-Palatinate, while “Avena Cerealien” produces high-quality oatmeal in Brandenburg.  
New and innovative 
Most domain names are already taken. What to do? It can be worth it here an alternation of upper and lower case letters or the use of special characters. Examples are “BiFi” as a description of “beefy” and “BioNTech”.  

Culturally independent and international 
Short names that are easy to pronounce in all languages ​​are ideal. Like “Kia”, “Pepsi” or “Tesla”! Care should also be taken to ensure that the brand name does not already exist as a word in another language and has a less appropriate meaning there.  

How do you find a good brand name?

1. Use name generators 
Name generators are the first port of call when looking for a suitable brand name. These suggest a variety of suitable options and approaches and can be used as a starting point for further naming. Ultimately, your own online shop or new physical store should have the perfectly fitting brand name. It should be brand new and easy to find.  
2. Convey positive emotions  
How to find an unforgettable brand name that captivates and inspires? Simply address what triggers intense feelings. “Bioland” sounds sustainable, “Zeit” sounds current and “Lachgummi” simply changed the product (wine gum) for the better. “Sky” illustrates the freedom in choosing the television program while “Starbucks” gives coffee a special touch.   
3. Create catchy abbreviations 
If a name is particularly long, a shorter version of it can also work well. Beautiful brand names are therefore often possible using abbreviations and synonyms. “Hanuta” is the abbreviation for “hazelnut table”, “Fanta” comes from “fantasy” and “Haribo” was formed from the name and hometown of the founder. “BMW” and “H&M” are also known. Also original are “Labello” from “labius bellus”, “beautiful lips” and the funny synonym “Almdudler” for herbal lemonade. 
4. Include the values ​​of the target group 
What’s interesting is what the brand offers. What activities or characteristics does it represent? If these factors are used when creating a name, it strengthens brand perception and emotional connection. “Alltours” and “Schauinsland Reisen” create a desire to travel. “Dior” and “Tiffany”, on the other hand, promise elegance. The choice of name can also come with a certain image. That's why it's just as important to choose a name that fits the company well and doesn't just sound good.  

How is the desired name saved?

To decide on your desired brand name, there are a few steps you need to take:  
1. Check the name using a search engine like Google to see if it is still available or a similar form of it already exists. A look at the trademark register also provides certainty that the trademark has not already been taken.  
2. Now create domain and social media accounts. This reserves your own brand. 
3. If the name is to be protected by trademark, the German Patent and Trademark Office protects it from imitation.  
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