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Selling your own merchandise - How to monetize your reach

Author: Anna R., February 29, 2023.

Sell ​​merchandising as an influencer

Next to advertising revenue, merchandise is the biggest Source of income on Social  Media. It gives users the opportunity to interact with certain Channels or personalities to associate and at the same time support this very thing Person through financial resources. Merchandising is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for influencers on social media outcry Opportunity to earn more income. The cornerstone for this are often print-on-demand providers, where motifs are submitted and produced and sent on demand. How to design your own merchandiseinvent and sell, you will find out in this blog post.

Who is it suitable for?

Creating your own merch is worthwhile if you have a certain reach on the Internet. Regardless of whether you are a YouTuber, streamer or general influencer, as soon as you have contact with other users and have built up a certain fan base, investing in merchandising can be worthwhile. At the latest when the first Followers If someone comes up to you and asks for t-shirts or mugs, you should think about one own Make an online shop. 

At first you just plug it in less Time spent designing motifs and placing them with appropriate providers. If you already have a logo that is associated with you and your brand, that's a good start to selling merchandise. 

Why is it an option?

There are many advantages to designing your own merch to your existing followers or fans to sell. Even if you only have a small community, you still have a lot of potential buyers at your disposal, who of course primarily generate income and make you further independent of other sources of income.

At the same time, merchandising is also a clever and indirect form of advertising. As an influencer, you have probably built your own brand and want to continually expand your fan base. Most people trust the algorithm of the platform they are using. But it doesn't have to stay that way, there are many creative ways to advertise. The advantage of merch is that it is actively used and attracts the attention of many people in everyday life. For example, someone wears of your followers a t-shirt with your logo, others will see it in public and may even search for your account.

Why sell your own merchandise products?

The advantages here are obvious and once you reach a certain level you should definitely use it to expand your sources of income.  

To make money: No matter how big or small a company is, merch is a huge source of revenue for businesses. Fans of a brand would like to identify with it after some time. That's why merch is so effective. In addition, even with print on demand, you hardly have to invest any money to see results. The only expenses you have are the production costs of the products sold. You only pay this once you have already made sales. Because the products are only produced when an order is placed.

Increase popularity: Whether it's t-shirts, bags or coffee mugs, merch is one outcry Ability to advertise indirectly. Above all, well-designed and bright logos attract the attention of others. The demand for products also increases with the increasing number of fans.

Strengthen ties to the community: Your fans can identify better with merch and in most cases also want to support you financially. This means they get something in return and maybe even get in touch with others through the merch of your followers in touch. 

How to create your own products

The idea of ​​merchandising sounds very tempting, but how much effort does it actually involve for you? With proper planning, this process is surprisingly easy to set up, with very little to worry about. With this quick step-by-step guide, that shouldn't be a problem. 

1. Create Designs: First you have to create designs for a shop, which will later be displayed on the respective products. Here you can let your creativity run wild; maybe you already have a logo or lettering that you can use. Otherwise, get involved with image editing yourself or an artist and create the right design for your channel or niche.

2. Set up an online shop: You can easily start your own online shop via Shopify create and send to you Print on demand services like MarketPrint Seek support. Specialists are here to provide you with advice and support and help you set up your online shop. Make sure the products are of good quality and there is a smooth collaboration between you and your print-on-demand retailer. Your designs can then easily be uploaded and printed on the products.

3. Promote products online: Once the shop is set up, you your followers draw attention to it. Make various promotional posts and also wear your merch yourself so that your fans can get a feel for the design and comfort.

4. Orders and Shipping: your followers will now hopefully buy some of your products. Your print-on-demand provider takes care of its production and shipping. You don't have to lift a finger here. Your income will then be offset against the production costs and you will receive a corresponding payment. 

Why does it make sense to make POD merch?

Many influencers rely on print on demand when creating merch. The model offers many advantages and is the best way to start earning money by selling your own products.

No storage required: One of the big advantages of POD is that you don't need any storage yourself. Your provider takes care of the storage and production of the products, so you don't have to rent a hall or store the products in your own home until someone buys them.

Low risk: Financially, POD is the optimal solution. Products are only manufactured when someone actually buys them. So you're not sitting on a bulk order's inventory, you're just waiting for someone to show interest in your merch. This not only saves money, but is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Lower expense: Since your POD partner takes care of the fulfillment, namely production, packaging and shipping, you only have to put in comparatively little effort yourself. All you have to worry about is creating the designs and advertising on your own channels so that your fans can find your online shop. Although you pay a corresponding fee for the production, you have significantly less stress and can continue to concentrate on your actual work


Selling your own merchandise offers a lucrative way to monetize your reach on social media. That's why merchandising is becoming increasingly popular, especially among influencers. With the support of a print-on-demand provider like MarketPrint, getting started selling merchandise is easy, quick and risk-free.

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