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Print on demand and dropshipping

Author: Aykut A. June 03, 2023.

MarketPrint T-shirt printing process

In order to explain the differences and show why printing-on-demand is the business model of the moment, we define the central terms of the article.

Definition of dropshipping

With this business model, it is not necessary to hold your own inventory. Instead, you work with multiple suppliers who ship their products directly to your customers. As a retailer, you pass the orders on to an external company that delivers the stored goods to your customers.

Definition of Print on Demand

In this e-commerce model, the producer produces the goods after receiving the customer's order. This chooses a motif and indicates the other product features. As a retailer, you forward the data to the producer, who carries out the order and sends the goods to the customer. With this business model, you also don’t need your own warehouse. 
The main difference to Dropshipping is that the suppliers only produce the products once the respective orders have been received.

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